Talk on robojournalism — Introduction to TecnoNews

Talk lectured on June 2018 at Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI) at the first Journey of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (JAINLP)

Media coverage of news produces huge amount of information. Those interested in media cannot afford to read all what is being produced around breaking news or main topics in today’s press. Human processing of data is prohibitive for dealing with tons of news in a timely manner.

Our product is called SentiLecto, a Natural Language Understanding engine applied to read news in Spanish and Portuguese press (and soon in English press) from all around the world in order to understand text the way native speakers do by discovering actionable insights among tons of news.

How are you attempting to solve the problems described above?

SentiLecto offers dealing with tons of news to help journalist get insights:
SentiLecto discovers fine-grained relationships between news covering the same facts, generating semantic graphs for tons of related news (NewsGalaxy & NewsUniverse)
SentiLecto summarizes up news relying on fact-modeling (an interesting feature for further fact-checking)

NaturalTech is a technology company with a specific goal: make computers understand natural language the way native speakers do.

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